Who we are

Art. Music. Food.

Oakhella provides a platform for the vibrant diversity that encompasses curators, ambassadors, organizers, and artists. Our diverse talents allow us to approach every event we curate with a keen attention to detail and user experience.

Oakland is rich with micro-communities that many times don’t interact socially.  Our different taste in music, style,  and entertainment sets us apart.  Oakhella’s magic is that with us everyone can relax, have fun, and learn more about each other; together.

where we come from

Oakhella was launched as an idea among friends and neighbors in West Oakland to throw a micro-music festival inside our community garden.  Wildy successful, we have grown to include event curation and public relations for like minded organizations. We work collaboratively with our partners and clients to ensure maximum social equity through intentional community.


Where we're going

By forming key partnerships, Oakhella is looking to collaborate with institutions and organizations that share our vision for the future of Oakland. Through our platform we intend to create a series of community centered events throughout 2017 and beyond.


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