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Music for the Feels

Joog Mac Q+A

What genre(s) of music inspires you mostly and why?

My personal favorites are Funk and boogie, R&B-style UK Garage, Afrobeat, Freestyle, and anything else that makes ya move!

If you could have dinner with any musician dead or alive who would it be and why? What topics/questions would you lead in the conversation?

Stevie Wonder, no question. We’d go to Aburaya to eat then probably go to the Ruby Room and get drunk and smoke a cigar LOL! I’m not sure what we’d talk about, he just seemed like a really positive and grateful dude.

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Why do you think music is important and what role do you play or hope to play in this importance?

I never been good with finding the right words to accurately express how I feel, but I can think of a good song to fit any moment in life. You can dial back on a song to magnify the nuances of emotion, or you can maximize the song to bottle up a moment and feeling in time. I believe even complex emotions and feelings deserve to be expressed on the dance floor, while keeping the dance floor poppin’. I never describe music as an “escape”, because escaping from your feelings or emotions is not good for you. Music is therapy. I want my music to make you feel feelings while you’re dancing your ass off, feel me?